ASC Annual Meeting 2008-Nov-11 to 2008-Nov-16

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CCTV Impact on the Social Construction of Security
 Leman-Langlois, Stephane.

CCTV in Public Places: Results from a Pilot Crime Reduction Initiative in Las Vegas, Nevada
 Madensen, Tamara. and Sousa, William.

Caged Witnesses: Bystanders to Prison Rape
 Carlson, Melanie.

California Mandatory Conditions of Parole Evaluation: Where to Start?
 Malm, Aili., Ireland, Connie. and Fischer, Ryan.

Calling a Crime a Crime: Techniques of Neutralization Among a Sample of Texas Inmates
 Miller, Kristine.

Campus Hate Crime: Another Kind of Colour Blindness
 Perry, Barb. and DeKeseredy, Walter.

Campus Safety: A Qualitative Study
 Emmons, Michael., Isaacs, Shawn. and Tracy, Jessamyn.

Can Biometric Measures Prevent Internet Identity Theft? A Situational Crime Prevention Approach
 Foradori, Manuel.

Can DNA Solve Property Crimes? Final Results from the DNA Field Experiment
 Roman, John., Reid, Shannon., Adams, William. and Chalfin, Aaron.

Can Environment and Offense Patterns Predict Cohort Membership?
 Ackerman, Alissa., Khan, Bilal. and Terry, Karen.

Can Interventions Influence Peer Groups? An Examination of the Impact of ASP Involvement on Students’ Friendship Choices
 Connell, Nadine.

Can Released Prisoners “Make it”? Examining Formerly Incarcerated Persons’ Belief in the “American Dream”
 LeBel, Thomas.

Can You Hear Me Now! Race and Gender Represent Intersectionalities
 Young, Vernetta.

Can You See Me Now? GPS Monitoring of Paroled Sex Offenders
 Baumer, Terry., Newby, III, William., LaMade, Megan. and Seymour, Amy.

Can the Criminal Justice System Really Deliver Justice?
 Clayton, Diana Reynolds.

Capturing the Complexity of Public Views on Bias Crime Legislation
 Pearlman, Terrylynn.

Caring for the Condemned: Examining Barriers to Prison Health Care
 Rountree, Meredith.

Case Disposition and Terrorist Status on Sentencing Outcomes: Rewarding Pleas or Punishing Trials?
 Bradley, Mindy., Damphousse, Kelly. and Smith, Brent.

Case Outcomes in the Investigation of Child Sexual Abuse Cases: Does the Quality of the Interview make a Difference?
 Pipe, Margaret-Ellen.

Case Processing Practices and Attitudes: A Survey of Federal Court Community Participants
 Ulmer, Jeffery.

Case Processing of Criminal Child Maltreatment: A Test of Focal Concerns Theory
 Pierce, Mari.

Casinos and Crime: The Complete Story
 Gibson, Camille.

Caught in the Cycle of Victimization: The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Female Offending
 Borden, Ann.

Causal Theories of Intimate Partner Abuse from the Offender's Perspective
 Linscott, Loren.

Causes and Consequences of Corporate Securities Fraud: A Criminological Approach
 Nie, Yuxuan.

CeaseFire Hospital Response Program to Reduce Violent Injury in Chicago Youth
 Regan, Sheila., Quintana, Elena., Metzger, Tim. and Slutkin, Gary.

Chained to Your Neighborhood: How Do Neighborhood Disorder Perceptions Change with Relocation?
 Wallace, Danielle.

Challenges to Implementing Anti-human Trafficking Policies: Developing a Comparative Framework
 Stolz, Barbara.

Changes in Offending Over Time: Intersections of Gender and Race
 Bell, Kerryn.

Changing Contexts: The Meaning of Moving for Women Felons on Probation and Parole
 Morash, Merry.

Changing Culture and Its Effect on Crime and Criminal Behavior
 Kakar, Suman.

Changing Perceptions of Procedural Justice Among Legal Aid Clients
 Valenzuela, Sylvia. and Meeker, James.

Changing Risk of Onset, Suspension, and Resumption of Substance Use and Other Illegal Behavior Over the Life Course
 Brown, Katherine.

Character and Crime: An Empirical Test of Riesman's Inner and Other Directedness
 Hamilton, Kathleen.

Characterizing Neighborhoods for Modeling Environmental Effects on Individual Behavioral Outcomes
 Mennis, Jeremy., Harris, Philip., Grunwald, Heidi., Lockwood, Brian., Izenman, Alan., Obradovic, Zoran. and Jupin, Joseph.

Child Abuse Legislation and Prosecution: An Overview
 Mulford, Carrie.

Child Behavioral Outcomes in the Context of Sampson and Laub’s Age-Graded Theory of Informal Social Control
 Schnupp, Rebecca., Wright, John. and Boisvert, Danielle.

Child Maltreatment and Gang Membership among Incarcerated Youth in Texas
 Proctor, Amy. and Mullings, Janet.

Child Molesters Who are Violent Toward Adult Intimate Partners: Their Unique Sexual Fantasies, and Offending Patterns
 Hacker, Robyn. and Stalans, Loretta.

Child Welfare Placement and the Criminal Consequences of Childhood Maltreatment
 DeGue, Sarah. and Widom, Cathy.

Childhood Predictors and Young Adult Outcomes of Male Arrest Trajectories
 Wiesner, Margit.

Childhood and Adult Physical Abuse in Female Inmates: The Long-term Consequences
 Hartsfield, Jennifer., Sharp, Susan. and Marcus-Mendoza, Susan.

Children of Incarcerated Offenders: The Impact of Secrecy due to Fear of Shame and Stigma
 Benaquisto, Lucia. and Coulthard, Julie.

China's War on Drugs
 Situ-Liu, Amy. and Liu, Peter.

Chinese Police Cadets' Attitudes toward Police Role and Work
 Cretacci, Michael., Sun, Ivan. and Wu, Yuning.

Chinese Transnational Criminal Activities
 Zhang, Sheldon. and Chin, Ko-lin.

Christian Religious Beliefs, Political Ideology, and Attitudes toward Punishment: Testing for an Interactive Effect
 Wozniak, Kevin.

Chronic Life Course Persistent Offenders: Transnational Corporations, Pollution and Cancer
 Katz, Rebecca.

Circumstances of Connected Homicides: An Analysis of the Chicago Homicide Data Set, 1965 to 2000
 Block, Carolyn. and Block, Richard.

Circumventing the Law: The Impact of School Resource Officers on Students' Legal Rights
 Bracy, Nicole.

Citizen Attitudes toward Police: Conceptual and Methodological Issues
 Liu, Yanhua.

Citizen Perceptions of Police in India
 Nalla, Mahesh. and Madan, Manish.

Citizen Trust in Police: The Case of China
 Sun, Ivan. and Wu, Yuning.

Citizenship, Scholarship, Service: The Pedagogy of Linking Prison Volunteerism with Classroom Learning
 Della Giustina, Jo-Ann.

Citizenship, Social Disorganization, and Violent Crime: Do Neighborhood Characteristics Make a Difference?
 Polczynski, Christa., Grantham, Minna., Huff-Corzine, Lin. and Corzine, Jay.

Citizens’ Preferences and Attitude Towards the Police: An Analysis of Racial Differences
 Nation, Denise. and Travis III, Lawrence.

Civil Protection Order Effectiveness: A Revisit to Wilmington, Denver, and the District of Columbia
 Vincent, Carleen.

Civil Trials: Analysis of State Court Data & Relevance of Civil Justice to Criminal Justice Studies.
 Langton, Lynn. and Cohen, Thomas.

Clearing Hate Crime: A Multilevel Event History Analysis of Incident, Agency, and City-level Factors
 Lyons, Christopher. and Roberts, Aki.

Co-occurring Disorders among Arrestees: Data from the AARIN Project in Maricopa County, Arizona
 Choate, David., Fox, Andrew., Katz, Charles. and Rodriguez, Nancy.

Code of the Street: Is it any Different for Females?
 Fabor, Janell.

Coerced Sex: Does Relationship Status and a Woman’s Reputation Affect Perceptions of Coercion?
 Tamborra, Tracy.

Coercion and Confrontation by Juvenile Probation Officers
 Schwalbe, Craig. and Maschi, Tina.

Collaborative Research with Battered Immigrant Women
 Ammar, Nawal., Orloff, Leslye. and Dutton, Mary Ann.

Collective Efficacy: How is it Conceptualized, How is it Measured, and Does it Really Matter for Understanding Neighborhood Rates of Crime?
 Hipp, John.

Collective Identity and Efficacy Among Transgender Inmates in California Prisons for Men
 Sexton, Lori. and Jenness, Valerie.

Collective Social Identities as Mediators: Effects of Civil Gang Injunctions as an Intervention Strategy
 Hennigan, Karen. and Sloane, David.

Collective Spatial Patterns of Targets and Offenders' Prey-Predator Relationship: An Agent-Based Simulation Approach
 Gialopsos, Brooke., Cai, Yongming. and Schafer, Stuart.

College Alcohol Policy and Student Drunk Driving in a National Sample
 Liu, Jing.

College Football Games and Crime
 Rees, Daniel. and Schnepel, Kevin.

College Student Perceptions on Corrections & Sentencing
 Schrage, Carrie. and Lane, Jodi.

College Women's Delayed Behavioral Responses to a Sexually Risky Situation: How Long Does She Stay?
 Franklin, Cortney.

Colonial Systems of Control: Criminal Justice in Nigeria
 Saleh-Hanna, Viviane.

Columbine Ten Years Later: The Effect of Deadly School Violence on School Security and Student Civil Liberties
 Addington, Lynn.

Combatting the Corporatist/Political Crime Victimization of America: Community Organizing, Social Movements and Liberation
 Calathes, William.

Coming Home: New York City Latino/as Coping Mechanisms Upon Release from Prison
 Martin, Yolanda.

Coming and Going: Commuter Students' Perceptions of Fear, Victimization and Crime Prevention
 Barberet, Rosemary., Fisher, Bonnie. and Garfield, Gail.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in New York City
 Labriola, Melissa., Muslim, Amy. and Rempel, Michael.

Communication and the Cop: Development and Implementation of a Procedural Justice-Based Training Program for State Troopers
 Unnithan, Prabha. and Shelley, Tara.

Communities that Care: System and Program-level Implementation Fidelity in the Community Youth Development Study
 Fagan, Abigail., Hanson, Koren., Hawkins, J.. and Arthur, Michael.

Communities with Correctional Facilities: The Effect on Crime Rates
 McGeever, Kelly.

Communities, Change, and Crime: Racial and Ethnic Transition in Los Angeles and the Impact on School Crime
 Boggess, Lyndsay.

Community Characteristics and Methamphetamine Use in Rural Areas: A Challenge to Social Disorganization Theory?
 Roussell, Aaron., Holmes, Malcolm. and Anderson-Sprecher, Richard.

Community Collaboratives Addressing Youth Gangs: Findings from OJJDP's Gang Reduction Program
 Hayeslip, David. and Cahill, Meagan.

Community Engagement in Teaching Delinquency and Juvenile Justice: Students as Activists
 Holsinger, Kristi.

Community Policing and Homeland Security: Friend or Foe?
 Chappell, Allison.

Community Policing: The Case of Informal Policing in Nigeria
 Onwdiwe, Ihekwoaba. and Kellum, Sharlette.

Community Religious Heterogeneity and Economic Crime: A Test of Institutional Anomie Theory
 McMillan, Richard.

Community Sentencing: Are Outcomes Gendered?
 Brewster, Dennis. and Hadwiger, Joy.

Community-Based Crime Prevention and Crime Control Strategies of the State: Control, Correspondence and Resistance
 Goddard, Tim.

Community-Based Treatment of Criminal Offenders with Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Substance Abuse: A Preliminary Impact Study
 Sung, Hung-En. and Mahoney, Annette.

Community-Driven Violence Reduction: Problem-solving in Real Time
 Chermak, Steve., Wilson, Jeremy., McGarrell, Edmund. and Johnson, Joseph.

Commuting and Theft: The Effect of Journey to Work Patterns on Crime Rates, A Spatial Analysis
 Berthelot, Emily., Blanchard, Troy. and Brown, Timothy.

Comparative Meta-Analyses of Neuropsychological Functioning
 Schug, Robert.

Comparing Apples and Oranges? An Empirical Approach to Country Clustering in Comparative Crime Research
 Smit, Paul., Marshall, Ineke Haen. and van Gammeren-Zoeteweij, M..

Comparing Far-right Extremist Homicide and Traditional Homicide Incidents and Participants in the United States, 1990-2007
 Gruenewald, Jeffrey., Chermak, Steve. and Freilich, Joshua.

Comparing Incarceration Environments for Young Offenders: Introducing a Developmental Importation and Deprivation Theory
 Matsuda, Kristy.

Comparing Male and Female Juvenile Arsonists: Individual and Family Characteristics
 Roe-Sepowitz, Dominique. and Hickle, Kristine.

Comparing Police Attutudes to Race, Immigrant Status, and Political Orientation in New York City
 Warnke-Carpenter, Katherine.

Comparing Self-Report to Official Data on Inmate Misconduct in Ohio Prisons
 Steiner, Benjamin. and Wooldredge, John.

Comparing Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: Economics, Cultural Conflict, Security Forces, and Terrorist Attacks in Central Asia
 Berg, David.

Comparing attitudes toward Prostitution in Las Vegas and Vancouver
 Kennedy, Margaret., Pucci, Nicole., Klein, Carolin. and Gorzalka, Boris.

Comparing the Criminal Histories of Single and Serial Homicide Offenders: Implications for Offender Profiling
 Trojan, Carrie. and Salfati, C. Gabrielle.

Comparing the Psychometric Properties of the LSI-R, Wisconsin and a Newly Devised Risk/Need Assessment
 Lemke, Richard., Lowenkamp, Christopher., Smith, Paula. and Latessa, Edward.

Comparing the Results of Cluster Analyses using the Early Assessment Risk List for Boys and Girls
 Dassinger, Carla., Augimeri, Leena., Walsh, Margaret. and Workman, Gloria.

Completers, Dropouts, and Comparisons: Problems and Prospects in “Three Group” Analyses
 Mitchell, Ojmarrh. and Makarios, Matthew.

Components of Female Sex Offender Sentencing
 Hepner, Bridget.

Compounding Issues: Qualitative Interviews of Older Female Inmates
 Benedict, Regina.

Compstat and Community Policing: Recommendations for Integration
 Willis, James., Mastrofski, Steve. and Kochel, Tammy.

Concentration of Offending in Families in a Birth Cohort
 Junger, Marianne., Semon Dubas, Judith., Schipper, Ruth., Hesper, Floreyne. and Estourgie, Veronique.

Conceptualizing a New Demographic in Homicide: GLBT Victims, Offenders and Incidents.
 Drake, Dallas.

Confronting Gun Traffickers: Stopping the Interstate Flow of Illegal Guns through Tracing and Analysis
 Andreychak, Christopher. and Shane, Jon.

Connecticut's Innovative Approach with Status Offenders: An Evaluation of the Family With Service Needs Project
 Sokoloff, Kimberly., Winokur, Kristin. and Duncan, Shiyloh.

Consequences of Bullying and Criminal Victimization in High School and College
 Shaffer, Jennifer. and Newman, Matt.

Consequences of Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Victimization for Self-Esteem Among Low-Income Women
 Kaplan, Lauren. and Hill, Terrence.

Considerations of Employing Ex-Offenders to Prevent Violence
 Quintana, Elena., Arthur, Jalon., Metzger, Tim., Hardiman, Tio. and Slutkin, Gary.

Considering the Eurogang Research Paradigm: The Study of a ‘Transnational’ Gang in North America
 Maxson, Cheryl.

Consistency in Serial Rapes: Examining Violent and Control Behaviors within a Series
 Rusnak, Danielle. and Salfati, C. Gabrielle.

Consistency in the Behavioral Patterns of Serial Rapists
 Park, Jisun.

Constructing Female Juvenile Delinquents and Victims in Newspapers
 Rhineberger-Dunn, Gayle.

Construction Fraud Victimization after Hurricane Katrina.
 Forde, David., Ward, Ken. and McDevitt-Murphy, Meghan.

Constructions of Policewomen in "Bi Seda Faryad Kon," a Popular Serial on State-sponsored Iranian Television
 Strobl, Staci. and Alizadeh, Mohsen.

Containment Theory: Walter Reckless and Simon Dinitz
 Huff, C.. and Scarpitti, Frank.

Contesting Criminality: Undocumented Youth Immigrants and their Effort for a Legalization Path in the United States
 Alatorre, Francisco.

Contextual Effects and Punishment Decisions: A Multilevel Analysis
 Arazan, Christine., Bales, William. and Blomberg, Thomas.

Continuity and Change in Risk Factors in Early Adulthood.
 Bottoms, Anthony. and Shapland, Joanna.

Control Deficits and Mass Harm: Revisiting Control Balance Theory
 Presser, Lois.

Controlling Prosecutorial Misconduct--New Trends in Brady v Maryland?
 Jones, David.

Controlling Race and Ethnicity through the Civil Gang Injunction: An Exploratory Analysis
 Bates, Kristin. and Swan, Richelle.

Controlling the Class Clown
 Crawley, Karen.

Controlling the Front Door of Juvenile Detention: The Role of an Objective Screening Instrument
 Barton, William., Jarjoura, G.. and Garcia, Crystal.
 [001] [002]

Conversing with Condemners: The Appeals of Crime for Self and Violent Others
 Hochstetler, Andy. and Copes, Heith.

Cooperation or Corruption? Informants, Cooperating Witnesses, Snitches and the Cops Who Love/Loathe Them!
 Root, Carl.

Coping in College: The Effects of Strain on a Specific Population
 Shelton, Julie. and Drummond, Holli.

Corporate Crime and Media Discourses: Comparing Conservative and Liberal Newspaper Accounts of Enron.
 Davis, Jason.

Corporate Responsibility and State Regulation Deficiency within the Pharmaceutical Industry
 Griffin, Hayden., Miller, Bryan. and Ward, Jeffrey.

Corrections-based Drug Treatment Programs and Crime Prevention: An International Approach
 Reyes, Cassandra.
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Corruption and Life Satisfaction in Asian Countries
 Cho, Younoh.

Corruption in Police Organizations
 Gok, Ozkan.

Cost Analysis of The Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative
 Cowell, Alexander., Chalfin, Aaron., Roman, John. and Masuda, Yuta.

Counterparts in the Game: Drug Dealer and Police Officer Viewpoints of One Another
 Dabney, Dean. and Topalli, Volkan.

Counting Down: HIV Prison-Based Peer Education Programs and Their Connection to Reduced Disciplinary Infractions
 Collica, Kimberly.

Country Level Correlates of Public Punitiveness
 Reed, Sarah.

Court Culture and Court Efficiency: The Study of Two Eastern Ontario Bail Courts
 Heath, Sarah.

Court Orders on Mental Health Related Services and Impacting Factors in a Metropolitan Juvenile Court
 Yan, Jiahui. and Janku, Anne.

Courthouse Canine Companions: The Use of Service Dogs to Assist Child Victims through the Prosecutorial Process
 Pfeifer, Heather.

Courts and Sentencing Research on Contemporary China
 Lu, Hong. and Kelly, Bridget.

Courts and Sentencing Research on Contemporary China
 Lu, Hong.

Cracking the School to Jail Pipeline: Restorative Justice, Zero Tolerance and Other Disciplinary and Suspension Alternatives
 Schiff, Mara. and Bazemore, Gordon.

Crafting Online and Hybrid Criminological Courses
 Becker, Paul.

Cramming and Pill-popping: Strain Theory and Non-Medical Stimulant Prescription Drug Use among College Students
 Arrastia, Meagan.

Creating a Climate of Learning from the Classroom to Community Activism
 Takata, Susan. and Curran, Jeanne.

Creative Criminological Teaching
 Twyman-Ghoshal, Anamika.

Crime Displacement and HUD's HOPE VI Initiative
 Cahill, Meagan., Hetrick, Samantha. and Davies, Elizabeth.

Crime Policy and the Effects of Public Opinion
 Christian, Jennifer.

Crime Prevention and City Hall: A Case Study in the Development of Comprehensive Community Initiatives
 Roebuck, Benjamin.

Crime Rates and Trends in Turkey between 2000 and 2005
 Mus, Ekrem.

Crime Trends
 Rosenfeld, Richard.

Crime and Immigration in Historical Context: St. Louis 1870-1930
 Fornango, Robert., Decker, Scott. and Rojek, Jeff.

Crime and Trust in Political and Legal Institutions in Developing Countries
 Kuenzi, Michele. and Fernandez, Kenneth.

Crime and the Local Economy: Examining the Reciprocal Relationship between Crime and Business Activity
 Greenbaum, Robert., Hipp, John. and Tita, George.

Crime and the State: Analysis of the Cameroon Situation, by Victoria M. Time, Old Dominion University
 Time, Victoria.

Crime in the Coal Industry: Mountain Top Removal and Violations of the Clean Water Act
 Stretesky, Paul., Lynch, Michael. and Linscott, Loren.

Crime into Commodity, Rebellion into Money: Marketing and the Barbarian Temperament
 Hayward, Keith.

Crime without Borders: An Introduction to International Criminal Justice
 Fichtelberg, Aaron.

Crime, Shame, Reintegration and International Homicide: A Partial Test of the Macro-Level Propositions of RST
 Schaible, Lonnie. and Hughes, Lorine.

Crimes People Commit: Using Detailed Arrest Data to Study Patterns of Offending
 Harris, Casey. and Steffensmeier, Darrell.

Crimes against Women: An Indian Perspective
 Ranjan, Sheetal.

Crimes against Workers’ Safety: Understanding the Causes of Accidents at Work to Develop Fine Tuned Reduction Strategies
 Vettori, Barbara.

Criminal Dynamics of the International Antiquities Market
 Bowman, Blythe.

Criminal Investigative Failures
 Rossmo, Kim.

Criminal Justice Education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Three Decades of Progress
 Penn, Everette.

Criminal Justice Processing and the Subjective Transition to Adulthood
 Warner, Cody. and Massoglia, Michael.

Criminal Justice Reform in Turkey: Success or Failure?
 Arican, Mehmet.

Criminal Justice Research and Expertise in Policy Debates: The Case of Persistent Offender Policies
 Kearns, Amy.

Criminal Lifestyle Specialization in Criminal Careers in England and Wales. A Latent Transition Analysis Approach
 Francis, Brian. and Soothill, Keith.

Criminal Victimization and Civil Democracy in Brazil: An Extension of the Systemic Social Control Model
 Rodrigues, Corinne.

Criminal Victimization in China: A Literature Review
 Zhuo, Yue (Angela) Zhuo., Messner, Steven. and Zhang, Lening.

Criminal Victimization in Comparative Perspective: The Case of Iceland
 Gunnlaugsson, Helgi.

Criminalization, Modernization, and Globalization: U.S. and International Legal Perspectives on Domestic Violence
 Shahidullah, Shahid.

Criminalizing Marital Rape: The Views of Ghanaian University Students
 Adinkrah, Mensah.

Criminalizing War
 Ruggiero, Vincenzo.

Criminals’ Indebtedness
 Siennick, Sonja.

Criminology and Kuhn: The State of Paradigm in the Field
 Dooley, Brendan.

Criminology as an Interdisciplinary Journal: A Content Analysis of Articles Published from 1970-2007
 Springer, Nicolette. and Frei, Autumn.

Criminology in a Culture of Control
 Garland, David.

Criminology in a Developing Nation: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago
 Adams, Ericka.

Critical Incident Preparedness and Response on Campus
 Burruss, George., Giblin, Matthew., Schafer, Joseph. and Heiple, Eric.

Critical Research in a Cold Climate: The Politics of Dissemination
 Corteen, Karen.

Cross-national Research and the Declining Significance of the Nation State
 Lynch, James.

Cumulative Disadvantage in Federal Justice: Examining Racial Disparity Across Multiple Stages of Criminal Case Processing
 Johnson, Brian.

Current Gang Suppression and Preventative Measures Perpetuate Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Schools and CJS
 McDowell, Nailah.

Cyber-Terrorism: Truth or Myth? A Study of the Court Cases.
 Howard, Billy.

Cyberbullicide: Suicidal Ideation and Online Aggression among Adolescents
 Patchin, Justin. and Hinduja, Sameer.

Cybercrime as New Means of Traditional Crime in Korea
 Kim, Jeong Hyun.

Cyberstalking: Definitions,Theories and Typologies
 Bhat, Meghna.
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