ASC Annual Meeting 2008-Nov-11 to 2008-Nov-16

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Gang Formation: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory among Latino Youth
 Laske, Mary.

Gang Involvement by Elementary School Students: Perception vs. Reality
 Khondaker, Mahfuzul., Rice, Kennon., Russell, Brenda. and Hafer, Abigail.

Gang Members’ Delinquent and Violent Behaviors: Determining the Role of Parental Monitoring and Supervision
 Swahn, Monica., Bossarte, Robert., West, Bethany. and Topalli, Volkan.

Gang-kill: Inmates, Gang Membership, and Prison Misconduct.
 Drury, Alan. and DeLisi, Matt.

Gangs vesus Wannabes: Assessing without Objective Standards
 Lauger, Tim.

Gangs, Drugs and Violence: Are the Newer Gangs Different?
 Howell, Buddy., Curry, Glen., Egley, Arlen. and O\'Donnell, Christina.

Gender Differences in Behavioral Consequences of Experienced Violence and Anticipated Victimization
 Palmer-Boyes, Ashley. and Jang, Sung Joon.

Gender Differences in Crime in the U.S. and Turkey
 Mese, Ibrahim.

Gender Differences in Criminality: What Can We Learn from the Heart Disease Model?
 Van Gundy-Yoder, Alana.

Gender Differences in Delinquent Behavior among American Indian Youth
 Hartshorn, Kelley.

Gender Differences in Drug Use: Patterns of Continuity and Change
 Thompson, Melissa., Uggen, Christopher. and Sandquist, R..

Gender Differences in Intimate Partner Victimization and Offending using NIBRS data
 Durfee, Alesha.

Gender Differences in Long-Term Consequences of Victimization and Offending
 Kubena, Jiletta.

Gender Differences in Narratives of Positive Change: Implications for Revised Gender-Specific Reentry Strategies for Female Offenders
 Herrschaft, Bryn.

Gender Differences in Perceived Threats of Formal and Informal Sanctions
 Fukushima, Miyuki., Spivak, Andrew. and Kelley, Margaret.
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Gender Differences in Reentry: Examining the Desistance Process Among Drug-Involved Offenders Across Theoretical Lines
 Bakken, Nicholas.

Gender Differences in Stalking Victimization Risk
 Menard, Kim. and Pincus, Aaron.

Gender Differences in Treatment for Drugs, Depression, and Crime
 Thompson, Melissa. and Reinauer, Stephanie.
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Gender Differences in the Cognitive Schemas Associated with Verbal and Physical Abuse of Romantic Partners
 Simons, Ronald., Simons, Leslie. and Burt, Callie.

Gender Differences in the Impact of Parental Monitoring and Control on Delinquent Behaviors
 Lee, Byung. and Park, Suyeon.

Gender Differences in the Prediction of Juvenile Recidivism: Data from the Positive Achievement Change Tool
 Baglivio, Michael.

Gender Differences in the Relationships between Parent and Children’s Drinking Behavior Among Korean Adolescents
 Lee, Gang.

Gender Responsive Treatment for Women Offenders
 Messina, Nena. and Prendergast, Michael.

Gender Symmetry Revisited: Examining Men’s and Women’s Experiences of IPV across the Life Course
 Carbone-Lopez, Kristin. and Rennison, Callie.

Gender and "Other People's Money"
 Holtfreter, Kristy.

Gender and Adolescent Drinking Behavior: Maturity Gap or Masculinities?
 Didelot, Julie.

Gender and General Strain Theory: The Gendered Experience of Emotions Linking Stress to Delinquency
 Cornell, Rena. and De Coster, Stacy.

Gender and Homicide: A Re-analysis of the Southern Subculture of Violence
 D\'Antonio, Julia., Dufrene, Chantel. and Doucet, Jessica.

Gender and Rape: An Assessment of College Students' Perceptions
 Vandiver, Donna. and Rager, Jessica.

Gender, Crime Victimization, and Fear of Crime
 Nobles, Matt., Fox, Kate. and Piquero, Alex.

Gender, Race, and Marijuana Use: Testing the Generality of Traditional and Feminist Theories of Crime
 Makarios, Matthew. and Myer, Andrew.

Gender, Race, and the Therapeutic Self: Treating and Punishing Addicted Women
 McKim, Allison.

Gender, Reentry, and the (Unmet) Needs of Women
 Scroggins, Jennifer. and Malley, Sara.

Gender, Self-Control, and Delinquency: A Comparison of Hispanics and Non-Hispanic Whites
 Chapple, Constance., Hope, Trina. and Bersani, Bianca.

Gender, Sexuality, Power and Drug Acquisition Strategies Among Adolescent Girl Meth Users
 Lopez, Vera., Jurik, Nancy. and Gilliard-Matthews, Stacia.

Gender, Victim-Offender Relationship, and Injury: Results from Two Surveys
 McKean, Jerome.

Gender, Victimization and the Status of Women
 Maxim, Paul. and Thompson, Jennie.

Gender-Responsive Needs: The Influence of Motherhood on Risk
 Bauman, Ashley., Van Voorhis, Pat., Wright, Emily. and Salisbury, Emily.

Gendered Fear of Crime for Others: A Case Study of Southern College Students
 Rader, Nicole. and Allison, Marisa.

Gendered Perspectives of SWAT: A Survey of Female and Male Officers
 Dodge, Mary. and Gomez, Frances.

Gendered Violence and Safety: A Contextual Approach to Improving Security in Women’s Facilities
 Owen, Barbara.

Gene-Environment Interplay and the Importance of Self-Control in Predicting Substance-related Problems
 Vaughn, Michael., Beaver, Kevin., DeLisi, Matt. and Schelbe, Lisa.

General Power-Control Theory of Women: Using a Multigroup SEM Approach to Testing Mean Differences
 Kim, Bitna., Gerber, Jurg., Henderson, Craig. and Kim, Yeong-Hee.

General Strain Theory and Peer Influence on Delinquency and Drug Use
 Rhodes, Jeremy. and Jang, Sung Joon.

General Strain Theory and Race/Ethnic Differences in Crime and Deviance
 Jang, Sung Joon. and Kim, Ye Jung.

General Strain Theory: Objective and Subjective Strains, Conditioning Factors, and Cultural Sensitivity
 Botchkovar, Ekaterina., Tittle, Charles. and Antonaccio, Olena.

Genetic Growth Curve Analyses on the Development of Low Self-Control
 Boisvert, Danielle., Wright, John., Beaver, Kevin. and Vaske, Jamie.

Genetic Risk, Family Risk, and Antisocial Phenotypes in a Sample of African-American Males
 Beaver, Kevin., Sak, Ashley. and Jessica, Nilsson.

Gentrification, Crime, and Youth: A Study of Changing Lives in the City of Chicago
 Perez, Xavier.

Getting Played: African American Girls, Urban Inequality, and Gendered Violence
 Miller, Jody.

Getting a Handle on Offenders: Exploring Possibilities for Control
 Tillyer, Marie. and Eck, John.

Getting to them Early: CSI Camp for High School Students
 Tartaro, Christine. and Duntley, Joshua.

Girl Scouts in Detention Centers: The Construction of Identity Within an Institutional Programming Initiative
 Colanese, Jennifer.

Girls' Delinquency: Same- and Opposite-Gender Relationships
 Stahl, Anne. and Coontz, Phyllis.

Globalizing Trends – An Extension of Institutional Anomie Theory
 Levchak, Philip.

Going ‘Legit’? Contradictions and Complications in Understandings of Desistance: Evidence from In-depth Interviews with Convicted Offenders during the Process of Reintegration
 Macmillan, Ross. and Hussemann, Jeanette.

Governor's State of the State Address and Setting Public's Agenda on Crime and Criminal Justice
 Hossain, Mokerrom., Brooks, Tiffany., Quaries, Chavonne. and Pridemore, Sherri.

Graduate Research Opportunities at HBCUs
 McGee, Zina.

Group Relations and Public Opinion on White-Collar and Street Offenders
 Van Slyke, Shanna.

Growing Penal Populism in Japan
 Hamai, Koichi.

Growing Recidivism?: Predictors of Recidivism Among Convicted Persons Involved in Drug Production Cases in Canada
 Crutcher, Nicole. and Burnett, Kimberly.

Guardian Angels & Routine Activity Theory
 McElroy, Sean.

Guiding Re-entry Management by Examining Recidivism Rates of County Probationers and Parolees
 Glazier, Mary. and Winters, Katie.
ASC Annual Meeting 2008-Nov-11 to 2008-Nov-16
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