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2008 - International Communication Association Pages: 20 pages || Words: 4840 words || 
1. Lin, Julian., Chuan, Chan. and Rivera, Milagros. "A Comparison of Five Functions in the PDA: Importance, Ease of Use, Usefulness and Intention to Use" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, TBA, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 22, 2008 Online <APPLICATION/PDF>. 2019-03-19 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Abstract: Many devices – for example, a multi-functional printer and a mobile phone – have integrated many distinct functions into one single unit. Previous research in the acceptance studies, specifically studies examining multi-functional devices, continues to examine the adoption of these technologies by applying an overall evaluation. Analyzing different functions separately is important as these functions may be unique. Especially, some individual functions – such as a camera or an mp3 player which is integrated in a mobile phone – are still sold separately. Drawing upon studies on information systems acceptance, this paper analyzes phone, organizer, Internet access, camera, and mp3 player, the five functions, in the PDA. A survey with more than 200 respondents showed that perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness of each function in the PDA can explain about 47 to 67 percent of the variance in usage intention of its function. Implications for manufactures of such a device are discussed.

2017 - ICA's 67th Annual Conference Pages: unavailable || Words: unavailable || 
2. Baumann, Eva., Emde-Lachmund, Katharina., Swirski, Katharina., Sass, Rachelle. and Mata, Jutta. "No Effects Without Use: What Motivates People to Use Health Apps and Why Do They Quit Using Them Soon After?" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ICA's 67th Annual Conference, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, USA, May 25, 2017 Online <APPLICATION/PDF>. 2019-03-19 <>
Publication Type: Extended Abstract
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: Tracking individual data on health and fitness has become quite popular and is supposed to support health enhancement and behavior changes. But an individual’s decision to use mHealth technology is not an automatic consequence of providing apps or wearables and research indicates that people often do not engage in long-term use. Therefore, the aim of our study was to investigate individuals’ motivation to use health apps and their reason for quitting usage. Based on the Self-Determination Theory and on a Technology Acceptance Model adopted for health app use, we conducted a panel study covering changes of the individuals’ expectations and evaluations regarding usage of a health app over two months. A high proportion of users discontinued using the app. The reasons for quitting were more closely related to technology related experiences and evaluations than to intrinsic and extrinsic motivations to use health apps for health enhancement.

2012 - AECT International Convention Words: 71 words || 
3. Wang, Chun-Min (Arthur). "Using VoiceThread for Cross-cultural Online Collaboration: The Perspectives from Taiwanese College Students Using VoiceThread for Cross-cultural Online Collaboration: The Perspectives from Taiwanese College Students Using VoiceThread for Cross-cultura" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the AECT International Convention, The Galt House, Louisville, KY, Oct 30, 2012 <Not Available>. 2019-03-19 <>
Publication Type: Concurrent Presentation
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: In this study, a Web 2.0 tool called VoiceThread was applied into a cross-cultural collaboration project between the college students from the United States and Taiwan. By analyzing Taiwanese students’ reflection essays and the questionnaire regarding the overall learning experience, the study intends to identify important elements of designing and developing cross-cultural online learning environment, and also suggests how to better use VoiceThread in cross-cultural projects for teaching and learning purpose.

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