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2008 - ISPP 31st Annual Scientific Meeting Pages: 32 pages || Words: 5482 words || 
1. Iyer, Ravi., Soule, Suzanne., Nairne, Jennifer. and Stenstrom, Doug. "Data on US Presidential Primary Voter Preferences and Behavior from a 2008 Online Candidate Calculator" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ISPP 31st Annual Scientific Meeting, Sciences Po, Paris, France, Jul 08, 2008 <Not Available>. 2018-06-21 <>
Publication Type: Paper (prepared oral presentation)
Abstract: From October 2007 to May 2008, VoteHelp.Org helped over 200,000 people match their political preferences to those of 12 leading republican and democrat presidential candidates. This paper details the effort that went into the creation of the website, including analysis of presidential candidate positions and a brief survey of other ‘candidate calculators’ which were used by millions of people during the 2008 political primary process. This paper then presents data on how people were able to find and how our traffic grew as the news cycle moved through the primary season. Lastly, the results of a cluster analysis of data from visitors to the website to empirically determine the types of voters who used this particular candidate calculator are presented. Clusters are determined both by issue position and issue importance on 28 topical issues. Within each cluster, we present linked data on the values/morals of subjects using the Moral Foundations Questionnaire (Haidt & Graham 2007) and on appraisals of the personalities of various presidential candidates, as stated using our optional personality module. An analysis of how visitors from within each cluster found our website is also presented along with concluding thoughts on the future of online candidate calculators as interactive tools to inform voters.

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