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2006 - International Communication Association Pages: 29 pages || Words: 7471 words || 
1. Han, Gang. "Mainland China Frames Taiwan: How China’s News Websites Covered Taiwan’s 2004 Presidential Election" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, Dresden International Congress Centre, Dresden, Germany, Online <PDF>. 2019-10-16 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Abstract: This study applies framing analysis to online news in China by examining how two mainstream websites, (referred hereafter as people) and (referred hereafter as sina) in Mainland China frame Taiwan’s 2004 presidential election and how the presence of news frames varies within the same website as well as between different websites.

Factor analysis gauges four distinguished news frames: military consequences, game, ideology and conflict. Post hoc analyses show that, within people, conflict frame is used less often than three other frames. Between websites, the conflict frame is more salient in sina than in people.

The author suggests that in China, online news frames are identical with the frames underlying traditional mainstream media’s coverage on Taiwan. Generic frames and issue-specific frames can be detected simultaneously. This study also verifies the validity of the deductive approach in measuring news frames.

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