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2006 - International Communication Association Pages: 23 pages || Words: 8893 words || 
1. Van Bauwel, Sofie. "Rearticulating Resistance as Concept in the Field of Media Studies: A Case Study on the Resistance Against Hegemonic Gender Identities in Popular Visual Culture" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, Dresden International Congress Centre, Dresden, Germany, Jun 16, 2006 Online <PDF>. 2020-02-28 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Abstract: Elaborating on the theories of active audiences the concept of resistance was incorporated in the discursive agenda of scholars in media studies. Especially by using the work of Foucault (1980; 1984) resistance as a concept entered the academia. The linking of power and resistance has resulted in an academic believe in the ‘power’ of marginality. These margins are deconstructed and represented as resistance and radical social change. A dangerously uncritical construction of the margins occurs as sites of resistance. This neo-romanticism presents resistance as a subversive field which is positioned opposite of hegemony. In this paper we will use an empiric study on gender bending as resistance to hegemonic gender identities in popular visual culture to elaborate on the conceptualisation of resistance. Resistance will be rearticulated as part of a hegemonic discourse and the notions of partial and potential are introduced to construct a theoretical inside in the concept of resistance.

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